Mar&Mar is a creative team with a passion for making ideas that our mothers would proudly send to their friends on WhatsApp. Really into adding humor to our work, especially Marinero. Yes to inclusivity, no to performativity. If we don’t know, we ask. If we don’t get answers, we find better questions. Brow-raising insights and human-centered ideas are our thing, especially on digital. And we’re also Gen Z, Marquino in particular.

We have been lucky to beat colleagues at table tennis courts in agencies like FCB&FiRe, HAVAS, Superheroes and TBWA/X — part of TBWA/Neboko.

Our experience in the Spanish, Dutch, and international markets gave us the chance to work for brands like Adidas, McDonald’s, ODIDO, Netflix, Disney +, MINI Spain, Lenovo, ING, and Santander Bank.